Student Behavior Expectations

School-wide Behavioral Expectations

Positive Behavior Expectations

Our School-Wide Behavior Expectations arethe following: Now you may ask….What do these expectations look like within our school?

Be Resourceful

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Use the following grid to help understand what it means to be safe, responsible, and respectful throughout the building:

School-wide Behavioral Expectations


School Rules

Pursue Excellence

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Resourceful (Staying Safe)

School Wide

*Use kind words

*Be understanding of people’s

differences (ethnic, culture,

learning, etc)

*Value yourself, others, and school


*Be on time and prepared

*Clean up after yourself

*No cell phones to be used in


*Leave hats, coats, backpacks, and personal belonging in locker

*Be aware of your


*Keep hands and feet to


*Walk at all times

Dress Code

*Clothing should be worn neatly and should not reveal undergarments.

*Hoods and hats for outside only

*Use the “self-check” fingertip rule for skirt length and shorts.


messages/language on clothing

*Hair should be neat with no


*No chains, sunglasses, bandanas, and bonnets


*Follow adult directions

*Use courteous language and topics

*Use a quiet voice

*Remember to keep food and drink in your bag

*Keep buses clean

*Be a positive leader

*Face forward

*Keep hands and feet within seating area

*Stay seated

Morning Arrival

*Enter quietly at 7:20

*Stay in supervised areas (cafeteria, library, gym, pods) until 7:40 a.m.

*Walk bikes and skateboards on school grounds

*Go to a supervised area

*Used sidewalks and crosswalks


*Use polite language

*Positively acknowledge those who address you

*Help others out of negative situations

*Appreciate school/student art, posters, and work

*Move to class on time walking to the right

*Quiet voices

*Keep the hallways clean and food free

*Use time wisely to prepare for next class

*Stay to the right in t he hallway

*Open doors slowly

*Be aware of people using lockers

*Walk at a safe speed to the right


*Wait patiently, orderly and quietly

*Use polite, considerate conversation and volume

*Honor privacy of others

*Ensure your teachers knows where you are

*Check in with office staff and follow t heir directions

*Use designated office hours

*Be aware of emergency situations and stay clear of responding adults

Media Center

*Treat books and computers with care

*Pay attention to any speaker

*Ask before you use computers

*Wait your turn

*Use proper library procedures

*Come with a signed hall pass

*Leave computer settings as you find them

*Be efficient with your time

*Do not visit unauthorized websites

*Do not climb bookshelves

*Keep library chairs on the floor

*Report any concerns to librarian/adult.


*Let others have privacy

*Return promptly to class

*Use supplies appropriately

*Go to the closest bathroom

*Keep walls, stalls, and floors clean

*Practice personal hygiene

*Report problems promptly to an adult


*Keep area trash free

*Monitor voice level & language

*Actively listen to announcements

*Sit at assigned tables


*Keep food and drink in cafeteria

*Encourage others to follow rules

*Use proper meal time etiquette

*Sit properly at tables

*Eat a well balanced meal

*Stay in designated areas

Extra Curricular Activities

*Follow rules of the activity

*Display good sportsmanship

*Be on time

*Represent Bellingrath with pride

*Encourage others to do well

*Be a good citizen

*Have needed gear

*Practice consistent attendance

*Be an active Participant

*Stay committed

*Use equipment properly

*Be cleared to participate by your doctor

Emergency Drills

*Stay quiet

*Act as if all drills are real emergencies

*Leave your materials behind

*Stay with your designated teacher

*Know your exit plan

*Listen and respond to directions

Assemblies and Special Events

*Applaud at appropriate times

*Actively pay attention

*Be positive to presenters (attitude and feedback)

*Stay in designated areas

*Bring only necessary items

*Move quietly with traffic

*Use appropriate behavior at dances

*Listen for exit instructions


*Use appropriate language when speaking to peers & Adults

*Profanity is not allowed

*Acknowledge when other are speaking waiting your turn

*Raise hand before speaking

*Report to your teacher or an administer appropriate language or behavior


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